Backyard Football Championship of Ukraine winds up in Poltava

Meteor and Vorskla make it to the next stage to be held in Kyiv

Over three days, 28 teams of the region competed for winning the tournament and entering the final stage of the competition. As a result of fierce battles, victory was celebrated by Meteor and Vorskla.

Honorary guests attended award ceremonies, which took place in the pouring rain. Andriy Biba, known for his performances for Dynamo Kyiv, attended.

In Poltava the championship of Ukraine on backyard football has come to the end

A.Biba: I am the president of the Leather Ball club. I am very pleased football has been raised to a new level,” the veteran footballed said. According to Biba, all famous world football players achieved their success due to playing backyard football. Biba said this also applies to him. At the tournament, children have laid a small stone in the foundation of adult football.

Tournament Statistics:

Junior teams (born in 2003-2004) r

1 – “Meteor”, 2 Boarding school № 1, 3 – Alfa-31

Best players are Nikita Melnyk (Meteor), Sergei Smolyn (Alfa-31), Danyl Kuznetsov

Senior teams (born in 2001 — 2002)

1 – Vorskla, 2 – Gornyak No. 1, 3, Young Patriot club

Best players: Estafan Sobol, Evhen Chubenko, Bohdan Vasetsky