Backyard football tournament is a success

It is not easy for modern children to explain that “backyard football” at one time was like a separate sport.

Once upon a time this concept was an integral part of life, part of childhood. They played at the place of residence, arranged tournaments in the format of “from yard to yard,” street to street. Football was fond of it. And now remembering those yard fights, sometimes you wonder and ask questions. There were no normal balls – they managed with anything. There were no special grounds – they played where they had to, where they could build a goal. In the courtyards there were platforms on which there were ladders, swings. So they served as a goal. Or a couple of trees, or even just a pair of ordinary school portfolios! And the site did not have to be level. There was no special footwear or protective equipment – they played in sneakers, sandals, someone even barefoot. The main thing was to play! And play late in the evenings, when you really could not see the gate, the ball, or the players themselves. We played before the downtrodden, and we could wait for a long time … But, alas, over time, backyard football as a mass phenomenon began to disappear.

On May 30, an important step was taken in Poltava to revive domestic football. More than two dozen teams from all over the region took part in the first stage of the All-Ukrainian championship of backyard football in honor of the legendary football players of the past – Andriy Biba and Volodymyr Muntian. At Dynamo stadium, boys from school No. 14 entered into the fight in two age categories (born 2001-2002 and born 2003-2004). The battles were furious. The tournament was attended by those guys who are engaged in football sections, and those who play just for themselves in the yards. Regulations allowed this. As the chief referee of the tournament Yuriy Marmach said, the competitions helped to distract children from empty pastimes. And if one of them in the future connects his life with football and will succeed, it will be just wonderful.

Well, on June 1, the final matches took place on the field of the Dynamo stadium. In the junior group, the team of the 1st boarding school Molod and the Meteor (Youth school named after Horpynko) came to the finals. In the senior group, the players of the 1st boarding school and the team of Barvinok-Vorskla also competed for first place). The final matches were held in a stubborn struggle and don’t let the score do not mislead the reader. There were tears of the losers and joy of the victors. The victories were won by Meteor with the score 5: 1 and Barvinok with the score 4: 1.

Holiday of backyard football a success (+ photo) –  photo 1

Congratulating the participants of the tournament, awarding the winners, the President of the All-Ukrainian National Federation of Backyard Football Ilya Kiva, noted that the tournament was a success. And let it be not the first step, but, a certain stage in the life of children. As the organizer of the tournament, Ilya Vladimirovich was pleased that the tournament was at a good level and that the only obstacle was the rainy weather on the day of the final matches and during the awarding ceremony. Matches must take place in any weather and the guys with honor passed this test. The children are happy – the organizers are also satisfied. The winning teams won the right to perform at the second stage, which will be held in mid-summer in Kyiv. And the organizers plan to return to Poltava by the end of the summer and before the start of the academic year to hold another football tournament.

Holiday of domestic football succeeded (+ photo) – photo 2

Awards to the winners and participants of the tournament were given by the legendary Dynamo Kyiv club Andri Biba, in honor of which the contest was named. Andriy Andreyevych said that everyone knows the names of Shevchenko, Rebrov, and the fact their way to big football began with games in the yards. Also it is not terrible, that someone has won, and someone has lost. Do not get upset because of failures, you need to follow your dream, be committed to your cause. And, it is possible that in the near future success will come!

All would be well, but I can not help but dwell on the episode that happened during the awarding of the children of the senior group. Unfortunately, the players of the 1st boarding school who took the second place painfully perceived their defeat and expressed their displeasure to their rival when they called the Barvinok-Vorskla team for rewarding the players. The fact is that the victory is not difficult to rejoice, emotions will do their job. But to lose with dignity you need to learn! Well, if there were controversial moments in the game, so be it! Yielding to opponents in anthropometry, the Vorskla team members were versatile and active. And Molod players had nothing to answer with. Excessive rigidity and provocation did not help. A buzz after the match – this is not an indication of team spirit, but an indicator of impotence. So there is something to work on for mentors of the Molod squad.