Biba and Muntian attend football tournament

In honor of Ukrainian national football legents Andriy Biba and Volodymyr Muntian teenagers in Poltava played their hearts out in a backyard football. Two dozen teams from different cities, towns and villages from Poltava region competed.

According to the regulations, rural school teams, backyard teams and even more professional squads were able to compete in the regional and all-Ukraine championship. The tournament was held at the Olympic stadium. Final matches took place on June 1 at Dynamo stadium. In the older age group Barvinok – Vorskla defeated the team of the 1st sporting boarding school 4: 1, and among the younger group, the students of the Horbinka squad trounced Molod – 5: 1. Winners and prize-winners, as well as the best players in their roles were awarded cups and medals. Awards boy received from the hands of a man whose name and wore this tournament – Andriy Biba.

The tournament, which was sponsored by the All-Ukrainian Federation of Backyard Football, was aimed at popularizing football among children and teenagers, attracting them to sports, active lifestyles, the search for young talented players. Trainers from Poltava children’s and youth sports schools have already spotted prospects and invited several promising boys to train.

Many of the participants here for the first time felt like a football player. After all, matches were held at the best sports venues in Poltava, they were served by the most reputable arbitrators in the city.

Leather Ball Club President and the famous Kyiv Dynamo and USSR national team star Andiy Biba noted the need for the revival of domestic football. After all, all known football players like Biba, Muntian, Blokhin, Buryak, Shevchenko, Rebrov also once started with backyard football. And then they played on a professional level. Now the boys who chased the ball in our yards and on the street are seen more rarely. It is in the revival of children’s backyard football that Biba sees the perspective and potential of his favorite sport.

President of the All-Ukrainian National Federation of Backyard Football Ilya Kiva said such tournaments will soon take place in four other Ukrainian cities: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Donetsk and Zaporozhia. Winners of the regional competitions will meet in the final, which will be held in August in Kyiv. And from next year, there will be a regular scheduled backyard football competition in each region. The winning teams will represent Ukraine in international children’s competitions, he said.