Big football begins in the backyard!

This year in Ukraine was registered a new public organization – the All-Ukrainian National Federation of Backyard Football. At the initiative of its President, Ilya Kiva, for the first time in Ukraine, the All-Ukrainian Backyard Championship in honor of Andriy Biba and Volodymyr Muntian will be held. Competitions among children will start from Poltava!

The purpose of the tournament is to popularize football among the youth, to develop backyard football, to attract the younger generation to a healthy lifestyle and useful leisure.

The first stage of the All-Ukrainian championship for backyard football in honor of Andriy Biba and Volodymyr Muntian in the Poltava region is scheduled to be held May 30 – June 1. In the competitions, which are held with the support of the Department for Family, Youth and Sport of the City Executive Committee, almost two dozen teams from all over the Poltava region will take part. Football players will play in two age groups: ages 9-10 and 11-12 years. On the last day of the competition and the closing of the Poltava stage of the championship, timed to the International Children’s Day, Biba and Muntian, egendary football players of Dynamo Kyiv and the USSR national team, will be on hand.

Opening of the tournament on May 30 at 9:00, Dynamo stadium, Poltava.

Closing of the tournament: June 1 at 14:00, Dynamo stadium, Poltava.

We invite children and their parents to the holiday of backyard football!