«Difficult minors» play football

In Kyiv an open backyard football tournament was held among teams of troubled adolescents registered with the city’s police department. The tournament is dedicated to the Children’s Day. The competition was organized by the All-Ukrainian National Federation of Domestic Football in conjunction with the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine at the request of the Department of Criminal Police for Children of Kyiv’s office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine within the framework of the project of the football league “The Hard Teenager.” The tournament was held under the patronage of Dmytro Yarosh. Also among the guests of honor of the event were the outstanding sportsman, National Olympic Team President Serhiy Bubka, who, along with the president of the All-Ukrainian National Federation of Backyard Football Ilya Kiva, awarded the winners and participants of the tournament.

Source:  http://www.kreschatic.kiev.ua/ua/4478/art/1401913637.html