Football Champtionship among juvenile offenders kicks off in Ukraine

A football championship for juvenile offenders has kicked off in Ukraine. The initiator of the tournament is the All-Ukrainian Federation of Backyard Football and Ukraine’s Penitentiary Service.

The all-Ukrainian football battles started in the Kremenchug educational colony for minors.

Now, almost a thousand minors are behind bars in Ukraine, most of them got there by stealing. After all, juvenile justice in Ukraine has not worked. Judges, when handing down sentences, do not pay special attention to age. In the Kremenchug correctional children’s colony, about 180 children are serving their sentence. Adolescents who stumbled in the past need not turn into animals in the future. Competitions in penal colonies may turn them around, first into amateur athletes and maybe into professionals.

Ilya Kiva, the president of the All-Ukrainian Backyard Football Federation, believes that these teenagers need more attention so they do not again take the wrong path.

Therefore, it is for this reason that the “Teenager project” was created.

In each colony of children football matches will be held, and the winning teams will defend the honor of their institution next year.

Three teams in the colony – Olympus, Prometheus and Titan – battled for the winning trophy in Kremenchug. The level of football was high and the games fierce. Victory was celebrated by players from the Titan squad, who move on to the next round of the competition.