How Khreshchatyk became the capital of backyard football

The latest stage of Ukraine’s backyard football championship among children was held on Kyiv’s main thoroughfare Khreshchatyk.

This was the second stage of the competition of courtyard teams in honor of our famous football players – Andriy Biba and Volodymr Muntian. The first stage was held in Poltava a month ago, and the next stages the organizers plan to hold in different parts of Ukraine. It is worth saying that backyard football launched the careers of most Ukrainian and world football stars.

Khreshchatyk for one day became the center of backyard football in the country. A special field was built on the thoroughfare. It was necessary to see the radiant eyes of 12-13 year old boys who had the opportunity to show their skills in a short-lived one-day tournament in front of a large audience. Matches consisted of two halves of 10 minutes each.

After a three-hour struggle on the court, the finalists were determined – Poltava’s Barvinok and Chaika from Hrebenka. In the decisive match, Poltava players were able to show remarkable teamwork and high individual skill. In front of demanding city spectators, Barvinok won big – 5: 1. The best player of the tournament was the winner of the winning team Oleksandr Kozhevnikov. The winners of individual prizes were Vyacheslav Yarmolenko (the best goalkeeper, Artyomovka), Nazar Atanyuk (the best defender, Sprite) and Vyacheslav Podlesny (the best striker, Hot Peppers).

Prizes and gifts were awarded to all the young players. Minister of Youth and Sports Rafil Safiullin personally visited the tournament and congratulated the youth on the holiday. Ilya Kiva, President of the All-Ukrainian Backyard Football Federation, expressed confidence that among the guys who played on Khreshchatyk there will definitely be those who will someday play in best stadiums in Ukraine and the world. Such tournaments should be organized constantly, Kiva said.