Kids from Kremenchug juvenile prison show their strength, agility and grit on the football pitch

Kremenchug educational colony is not only a place where juvenile convicts serve their sentences. Here, among other things, children can develop their athletic abilities. And thanks to the International Charitable Foundation «Liberation” from now on they can build a football career.

This day in the Kremenchug educational colony is not like the others. On the square in front of the church music sounds, songs are sung, athletes are invited to demonstrate gymnastic skills and exercise in martial arts. So says the head of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine in the Poltava region.

Mykola Isaev, Head of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine in the Poltava region

– It is necessary to plant a tree, build a house, or repair an apartment (laughs), I paraphrase, raise a daughter or granddaughter. I will say that I did not often plant trees. Well, of course, they planted on so-called work weekends. That it is symbolic – this is the second or third tree: one apricot planted in the colony, a fig tree in the backyard.

Planting trees and an improvised concert at the colony coincided with the the traditional spring Spartak festival. According to the head of the institution Yuriy Velychko, the sporting festival is a real holiday for all he kids, without exception.

Yuriy Velychko, head of the Kremenchug educational colony

– Sporting activities reveals charactr. The guys who participate are popular and respected among their peers, and those who for some reason can not participate in competitions, they actively show their support and cheer on their friends.

There was lots of cheering. The kids competed in five sports: weightlifting, table tennis, chess, checkers and football. Visitors were on hand to check how well the kids kicked the ball, arriving specially from Poltava.

Ilya Kiva, Chairman of the Board of the International Charity Fund Osvobozhdeniye, and All-Ukrainian National Federation of Backyard Football was on hand.

– The Osvobozhdeniye Foundation is preparing its own team on the territory of the Colony, which has been actively training for 1.5 months and is preparing for the regional backyard foodball championships. For the third time, we are bringing a team from Poltava here and try to understand the level of players. I think that by September the team will be in full combat readiness.

Kiva said said the training of team of the Kremenchug educational colony was not in vain.

Oleg Zubov, coach of the football team of the Kremenchug educational colony

– The progress is palpable. There is a great desire for the guys to play – it’s gratifying. I think they all have it. Some started playing earlier, some later. The level of skills vary, but we will prepare and try hard. There will be victories in the future. There will be results.

And while the big victories are still down the road, the rewards have already arrived in the colony – for their efforts pupils football players and other participants of the Spartakiad have received running shoes, balls and other presents from the Liberation Fund.