“Legion 21” squad from Zhytomyr region to compete in finals of “Million for a stadium” football tournament

On May 18 in Zhytomyr more qualifying matches for young footballers (ages 11-15) was held under the Million for a Stadium football project.

The Legion 21 squad emerged triumphant and will go to Kyiv for the finals of the first qualifying round, which will be held on May 24. They will compete with the winners of other regional matches. The Falcon, Berdychiv, and Malic squads, which took second, third and fourth places respectively, were also out on the field today. All participants received memorable prizes, including football nets with balls. The Malych squad received the prize of public sympathy.

During the award ceremonies, President of the All-Ukrainian National Backyard Football Federation and Socialist Party Chairman Ilya Kyva congratulated the participants.

“Today, in this competition for strength, each of you became a winner. For me it’s a holiday. It’s the holiday of smiles and sports. After all, at such times, we improve our lives and educate a new solid, healthy generation. We bring up the thirst for victory and temper the character of these men,” Kyva said.

The Backyard Football Federation president also thanked everyone who contributes to the improvement and strengthening of the nation, popularizing football among young people. He gave special thanks to Zhytomyr region’s Department of Juvenile Crime Prevention for help in the organization of “difficult” teenagers in teams.

“I am very grateful to the Department of Juvenile Crime Prevention and the Football Federation for taking the time to help arrange this holiday. These matches are the joint work of people who wanted to tell you, young players, thank you. After all, thanks to your smiles, we see that our efforts are not in vain. I also thank you for finding the strength not to sit at home at the computers and come to the football field, “Kyva said.

Final matches of the Million for a Stadium project start on August 23. The tournament winner will win a UAH 1 million prize to build a stadium in their city. The project was initiated by the All-Ukrainian National Backyard Football Federation with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports under the patronage of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Football Federation of Ukraine also joined the organization of the tournament.