May 20, 2013 press conference on Ukraine’s Championship of backyard football

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych initiates the holding of annual competitions on children’s football final in the International Children’s Center Artek.

On May 8, 2013, speaking during a visit to Crimea at the opening ceremony of the reconstructed central stadium of the Artek International Children’s Center, the head of state noted that the idea was supported by the chairman of the Football Federation of Ukraine AnatolIy Konkov and the Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine Ravil Safiullin.

“We will think together and as soon as possible we will develop the concept of holding competitions for children’s football in Ukraine, possibly at the international level and with the final here in Artek, annually,” Viktor Yanukovych said. The President also stressed that the state will do everything possible to ensure that the younger generation can fully meet sports interests and develop physically.

The idea of ​​holding football competitions among children was also supported by the All-Ukrainian National Federation of Backyard Football, which was created again on February 28, 2013. On the initiative of the president of the latter, Ilya Kiva, for the first time in Ukraine, the All-Ukrainian mini-football championship in honor of Andriy Biba and Voldymyr  Muntian starts (the goal is to popularize football among young people, develop domestic football, attract the younger generation to a healthy lifestyle and useful leisure).

Note: Andriy Biba – Soviet football player, midfielder. Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1967). He scored the first goal of the Soviet clubs in the European Cups (UEFA Cup Winners Cup, Coleraine (Northern Ireland) – Dynamo (Kyiv) – 1: 6. Currently – the coach-scout of Kyiv Dynamo

Volodymyr Muntian –  Soviet football player, midfielder. Honored coach of Ukraine. Chairman of the Committee of National Teams of the Football Federation of Ukraine. Since April 2007 – President of the Association of Ukrainian Football Veterans.

The first stage of the All-Ukrainian championship for courtyard mini-football in honor of Andriy Biba and Volodymyr Muntean in the Poltava region is scheduled for May 30 – June 1, 2013 in the city of Poltava. In the competitions, which are held with the support of the Department for Family, Youth and Sports of the City Executive Committee, 20 teams from all over the Poltava region will take part. Football players will play in two age groups: 9-10 and 11-12 years. To close the Championship, dedicated to the International Children’s Day, Andiy Biba and Volodymyr Muntean will come to Poltava to award the winners of the 1st stage.

Opening: May 30 at 9:00 clock, Dynamo stadium

Closing: June 1 at 14:00, Dynamo stadium