On April 14 at Poltava’s Dynamo stadium the preliminary round of the All-Ukrainian Backyard Football tournament under the Million for a Stadium competition kicked off. The final match will be held on on August 23, 2018.

The event was attended by All-Ukrainian National Backyard Football Federation President Ilya Kyva, who was joined by the head of the juvenile prevention department Iryna Kariuk, patrol policemen and Ukrainian football veteran Yuriy Marmach. The tournament was attended by children aged 11-15 years. These are boys from boarding schools, children who are registered with the police, and ordinary schoolchildren.

The purpose of the tournament is to take useful things to children growing up in difficult life circumstances so that they do not go the wrong way. In addition, talented children can be noticed by scouts and taken to a professional team,” Kyva said.

The tradition to hold competitions among courtyard teams started six years ago, but due to the war in the East, during the tournaments it was paused. But we have brought back the holiday of football for children.

“In 2012, the Backyard Football Federation began its work with one goal – to preach the religion of a healthy lifestyle. Recent events in our country have shown that we need a strong and healthy nation. For the sake of children we defend our Motherland, we live and work. Children’s smiles, children’s joy, this is the main factor that brought us here – in the tournament for domestic football, “-Kyva said.

Seven teams played in Poltava. Championship matches will be held in Kyiv during August. Today, 12 provincial centers have already been invited to participate in the tournament. The final is to be held this autumn. The main prize is a certificate for UAH 1 million to build a new stadium in the winning team’s city.

“Each team has the opportunity to win UAH 1 million to build a new modern stadium in its city,” Kyva said.

The strongest team from Poltava was the Molodost’ squad. They and the finalist team defended the honor of Poltava in the tournament in the capital, which took place the next day. The All-Ukrainian Children’s Tournament for Backyard Football took place in Poltava

Source: https://poltava.to/news/46718/